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The Maths at Home page is a single page of key resources for learning at home.
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Topic Help
A directory of teaching help for the NSW Mathematics Syllabuses.
This new site has all the topics of the NSW K-10 and Stage 6 syllabuses mapped out - with links to video playlists from NSW teachers. There is at least one resource for nearly all of 7-12. K-6 is a bit bare.
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You've got to watch this from Grant Rawson... Quick tutorial to revise the topic “Further Graphs” for the NSW extension 1 course… now that we're stuck with online/remote lessons.

Thirty puzzles of increasing complexity where you need to build a structure from Jenga blocks to match the three views (orthographic projections) given.
Answer several mathematical questions on the number of the day. NEW Interactive version for students.
Watch the intro video.
Rolling dice for student at home. A single six-sided dice or two six-sided dice.

Includes mathematical art, games and puzzles. The games and puzzles section includes downloadable activities.
NSW Stage 6
[Answers added
Booklets for the Mathematics Advanced (NSW) course produced by Caringbah High School.

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