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Normanhurst Boys High School coursework booklets. All books updated to their latest version.
See also Extension 1 and Extension 2.
A decision tree from the type of data to choose the best type of visualisation.

Combine the given numbers using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to reach the target.

Size interactive questions to develop an understanding of similarity.Could be used as a teacher demonstration or student activity.

The applet dynamically illustrates what it means, by definition, for any 2 triangles to be similar.

A Geogebra reproduction of the Old Trig Master Resource.

Unit circle illustration the trigonometric ratios, in degrees and radians.

This GeoGebra interactive presents a challenge of cylinders increasing in diameter, filled to different levels. “What is the most filled and the least filled?”

Make times tables and number bond colouring that reveals children’s own names when completed. Choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and more.
An interactive introductory lesson to graphs and networks.

An interactive that clearly demonstrates how the sum of naturals formula works.

MathsStarters Updates
  • Quick Quiz - Dividing algebraic expressions
  • Bingo - Operations - multiplication and division
A video describing two divisibility tests for 7, and a recap of the other divisibility rules.

Deane and Rob discuss the probability involved in coin tossing with two coins. They extend the discussion to the probability of certain dates falling on particular days of the week.

Chris and Will are on another magical adventure as they try to clear vines from emblem circles that will summon magical spirits called wills-o’-the-wisp!

A problem is presented to take distinct integers such that as many pair sums as possible are powers of two.

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