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Based on the Cognitive Load Theory idea of faded worked examples. These three sheets provide faded worked examples for using trigonometry to find missing sides and angles.
An interactive to investigate angles in the unit circle. 

An interactive to explore the unit circle and simplified angles. 

A simulation/game where you identify if a coin being flipped is fair or biased towards heads. You can flip the coin as many or as few times as you'd like before making a decision. Identify a coin correctly and get bonus flips. Get it wrong and you lose flips.

A simulation that visually demonstrates the birthday paradox. 

Find the depth of the water using the known length of an anchor rope and the given angle. 

Find the width of the river given the measurements provided. 

A simple song to remember the quadratic formula, to the tune of pop goes the weasel 

Tom Crawford shows us some cool things about Euler's Formula. 

Eddie Woo discusses stopping distances when driving and how our speed can directly affect the outcome on the road.

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