Issue #26 - MathsLinks Newsletter - resources for maths teachers
A rounding interactive activity, a podcast of number stories and an interesting activity to start a measurement unit.
A new activity on MathsStarters. This interactive rounding activity could be used as a teacher demonstration or student practice.

Sum Of All Parts is a podcast presenting stories from the world of numbers. The first episode discusses the Australian Netball team and how they won vs NZ by observing fish.

When Cliff Stoll sets your homework, there's always an extra lesson. Potentially a great start to a unit on measurement.

Matt Parker and Katie Steckles talk about Semi-Eulerian Graphs (networks). What conditions are required in a network to follow every edge without repeating?

Matt Parker and Rob Eastaway discuss a couple of probability problems.

Some numbers have been considered dangerous enough to ban. Alessandra King details the history behind illegal numbers. [TEDEd]

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