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Happy 1 + 2 × 34 + 5 × 6 × (7 × 8 + 9) = 2019
Here are some resources for the new year...
Mathematics Advanced and Extension 1 (2019) booklets
Course work booklets for the new Advanced and Extension 1 (2019) courses in NSW. First booklet: Functions.
Thanks to Hubert Lam.
Dates as Operations updated for 2019:...
Each day, I write a mathematical statement using the digits of the date under the date on my board. Or use this idea as a starter.
[see original blog post]
New to MathsStarters - Class is a random student selector and a visibly random group creator. One free class with your MathsLinks/MathsStarters account.

A bit of fun with the number 2019.

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