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Guess where the wallaby may be hiding and then type in the coordinates of that point.

A simulation where aircraft are shown flying at the same height and speed, but on different three figure (true) bearings. Are the aircraft safe or will some collide?

Complete this self-marking challenge to find all the angles.
How To Be Lucky: The Maths Of Chance

Do you know how heavy Uluru is? From the ground up? Lily Serna thinks you do. In this Catalyst, Lily delves into the world of luck.
A kahoot to get Year 11 looking at the Standard reference sheet. 

A collection of instructions for graphing pictures by plotting points on a Cartesian plane. Great for consolidating Stage 4 plotting points.
NSW Stage 6
6 July 2020: MA-S3 Continuous probability distributions
28 July 2020: MA-M1 Modelling financial situations

8 July 2020: Further work with vectors added 
8 July 2020: The nature of proof added
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