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Whole School Numeracy
Over the last couple of years at Greystanes High School, we have had a focus on developing resources for whole school numeracy - Numeracy Guides. After a recent discussion, I realised they were a little hidden on the MathsLinks site.
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An online Geoboard. Good for teaching shapes, symmetry and coordinates. On the MathsLinks Facebook page, Colleen Young shared a page of activities using a Geoboard.

A multiplication grid for teaching times tables and as a reference for children is a useful classroom tool.  Hide, colour or ‘wobble’ the different tiles.

A GeoGebra interactive illustrating Compass Bearings (of the form N30°E).

A how-to set of instructions for creating a quadratic function exploration tool in GeoGebra.

A collection of workbooks for the Mathematics (2 Unit) and Extension 1 course (NSW). 
Update 4 August 2017: Topic 9 - The Quadratic Polynomial

In 2018 the kg will be defined by Planck's constant, not a hunk of metal.

Remember this car advertisement that refers to the average number of children in a family being 2.3?
Great prompt for a class discussion.

A logic puzzle involving triangles made from matchsticks.

Sometimes it's hard to know what statistics are worthy of trust. But we shouldn't count out stats altogether ... instead, we should learn to look behind them. In this delightful, hilarious talk, data journalist Mona Chalabi shares handy tips to help question, interpret and truly understand what the numbers are saying.


By Jennifer S. McCray, Assistant Research Scientist and Director of the Early Math Collaborative at Erikson Institute

Effective early childhood math teaching is much more challenging than most people anticipate.  Because the math is foundational, many people assume it takes little understanding t

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