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Resources for Mathematics Standard: Student Outlines and Deriving the Trapezoidal Rule. Plus more...
Mathematics Standard
A course outline and student outlines / progress tracking for the Mathematics Standard Year 11 course starting in 2018. Includes versions for the ⬨ Rhombus (Lozenge) course. Customisable to include references to the textbook you are using.

Deriving The Trapezoidal Rule
This presentation is for teachers and/or students to show why the Trapezoidal Rule works. [Stuart Palmer]

Added “Units of digital storage conversion” to MathsStarters Bingo → look under Measurement.
Mathematics General - Focus Study Mathematics and Communication
Collection of 12 tools and matching games for reading times - analogue and digital divided and labelled according to different stage requirements (hour and half-hour, minutes,12 and 24 hour). [ABC Splash]

Math is full of symbols: lines, dots, arrows, English letters, Greek letters, superscripts, subscripts ... it can look like an illegible jumble. Where did all of these symbols come from? [TED Ed]
Computers do not have the same system for counting numbers as humans do. Technology expert Anne-Marie describes the way in which binary numbers operate in computing.

Flipping pancake stacks, a problem solving activity. [Numberphile]

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