Issue #38 - MathsLinks Newsletter - resources for maths teachers
This week, another diagram library and a few interesting videos.
Trapezoidal Rule - diagram library
Another diagram library - diagrams related to the trapezoidal rule, new to Mathematics Standard.

Previous diagram libraries are here.
Introduction to the kilojoule as a measure of energy in food - short YouTube video. For M1.3 in Mathematics Standard. Thanks to dlcunningham for this one.

When you flip a coin to make a decision, there's an equal chance of getting heads and tails. What if you flipped two coins repeatedly, so that one option would win as soon as two heads showed up in a row on that coin, and one option would win as soon as heads was immediately followed by tails on the other? Would each option still have an equal chance?

Think you know everything about Pascal's Triangle? Watch this video and be surprised. You'll even see how Pi and e are connected!

A Mathologer video about Pythagoras. Featuring some of the most beautiful and simplest proofs of THE theorem of theorems plus an intro to lots of the most visually stunning Pythagoranish facts and theorems from off the beaten track.

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