Issue #44 - MathsLinks Newsletter - resources for maths teachers
It's exciting when teachers take the opportunity to share on MathsLinks. This week, four downloadable - use tomorrow - resources conrtibuted by MathsLinks users.
Also, a reflection on the content of Mathematics Standard and some illustrations for data and statistics.
An introduction to Algebra using a concrete activity.

This activity is a follow up activity after introducing Algebra and great for getting the kids out of their seats.

A combined investigation and fun hands on activity using M&Ms to revise writing ratios and using ratios and percentages.

Resource appropriate for Stage 4 students on Ratios and Proportions of the human body. 

Mathematics Standard
Reflecting on the new Mathematics Standard Reference Sheet, Stuart Palmer has created "(Almost?) Everything a Mathematics Standard students need for the 2019 HSC Examination - an unofficial list of facts and formulas you need to memorise for the HSC Examination".
Illustrations for Data and Statistics
Illustrations of a box-and-whisker plot, quartiles, deciles, percentiles and a template for Pareto charts.

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