Issue #52 - MathsLinks Newsletter - resources for maths teachers
Starting the run to the end of the year... recently added to MathsLinks:
How to calculate the area of a triangle and why it works.

A presentation introducing the Carteisan Plane. Use as teacher-led or student's can self-pace.

Project this screen in your classroom and add widgets fo use with your class.

From a newspaper article “Town Hall station overcrowding to force staff to slow access at peak”, this graph shows bimodal data of the number of people at 5 train stations.

Every positive integer is the sum of three palindromic numbers.

Your team has developed a probe to study an alien monolith. It needs protective coatings — in red, purple or green — to cope with the environments it passes through. Can you figure out how to apply the colors so the probe survives the trip?

Three from The Curiosity Show...

Never throw away an empty plastic ball point pen case. Deane and Rob show how to turn a pen case into an all-purpose 13cm rule (or ruler).

Rob shows a simple version of solitaire which uses dice, and it's an excellent way to brush up on your mental arithmetic.

Can you stack dominos so that the top one hangs over the edge by more than its own length?

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