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This issue:
Using a casio calculator when working with percentages - a student reference.
+ resources, video, reading, riddles.

How do I use my calculator to? (Percentages)
An animated GIF showing the 1000, 100, 10, 1 base ten blocks.

This resource dynamically illustrates how to graph trigonometric functions written in the form y = a sin (b (x − c)) + d.

Gordon Hamilton introduces and investigates the Graceful Tree Conjecture.

Some card tricks and a proof of the divisibility rules for three and nine. Then, a discussion of the other divisibility tests.

The Mathologer gives visual explanations for a number of circle stacking phenomena.

What does research suggest about the issues and evidence around ‘mastery’ in mathematics in England? 
Two Riddles
You’ve stealthily descended into the darkness of a vampire cave, setting a sequence of mirrors as you go. When the sun reaches the right angle in the sky, a beam of light will ricochet along the mirrors, strike a diffuser, and illuminate the great chamber where the vampires sleep. Can you place the diffuser correctly and flood the lair with sunlight?

After years of experiments, you’ve finally created the pets of the future – nano-rabbits! They’re tiny, they’re fuzzy ... and they multiply faster than the eye can see. But a rival lab has sabotaged you, threatening the survival of your new friends. Can you figure out how to avert this hare-raising catastrophe?

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