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NSW Advanced and Extension
Kristen has taken the new syllabii for Mathematics Advanced and Mathematics Extension 1 and removed all the teacher speak, so students can clearly see the focus, content and glossary associated with units of work.

A worksheet for guided investigation of transformations of functions

NSW Standard 2
As a study aid for students, a template and ideas for annotating the Mathematics Standard 1 and 2 Reference Sheet.

A matching activity for area, volume and circumference formulas.

Students use their knowledge of Pythagoras, SOHCAHTOA, sine and cosine rules to construct an argument as to whether a triangle can exist or not.


Rob shows an amazing ability to calculate the answer to complex multiplications at lightning speed- and you can as well if you remember the right sequence of numbers, 142857.

Euler's formula intuition from relating velocities to positions.

Carl Sagan explores how Eratosthenes determined that the earth was round and its circumference.

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