Issue #88 - MathsLinks Newsletter - resources for maths teachers
This newsletter, a few resources for learning from home.
For remote learning
Maths at Home
A quick find page of resources for Learning from home.

A directory of teaching help (videos and quizzes) for the NSW Mathematics Syllabuses.

Published by Taronga - Students will learn how to calculate daily dietary requirements, track animal weight, design enclosures and locate and apply measurement skills needed to navigate the Zoo. These resources allow students to explore the Zoo via Taronga TV from home or at school.

This is a learning package designed for primary students. A number of activities all designed around Smarties. [Google Slides]

Self marking Excel worksheet. Intended for Year 7 Number Plane topic.

A low-floor high-ceiling activity, designed to facilitate classroom discussions. Students translate, rotate and reflect to complete a nine-hole golf course. This could be set as a task for students to complete using the GeoGebra Class feature.


Purposeful Maths contains lots of high quality self-made teaching resources designed to encourage student thinking, improve student understanding and challenge students perceptions of mathematics.

This is an assessment notification of the Desmos Art Project/Assignment I conducted at Queanbeyan High School. It includes the structure of this project, the marking rubrics and graded samples. The graded samples are taken from my students' works from 2020.

This project/assignment was inspired by the Desmos Art Contest.

L. Mahadevan uses mathematics and physics to explore commonplace phenomena, showing that many of the objects and behaviors we take for granted, and consequently give little thought to, are quite extraordinary upon closer examination.

What is the Riemann hypothesis? Why is it so important? What can it tell us about the chaotic universe of prime numbers? And why is its proof so elusive?

Johnny Ball discusses Archimedes and the volume of a sphere.

A dice trick featuring Ben Sparks.

Ben Sparks with another trick - can you guess how it works before he explains it? 

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