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Investigate the trigonometric functions. 

Explore time by using the clock controls to change and match times on analogue and digital clocks.

Explore time by using the clock controls to change and match the times on analogue and digital clocks.
Use this tool to match clock times to the time presented on a Master clock.

Fill orders in a cake shop. Match a fraction to parts of a cake.

Help a park ranger to arrange fencing in a wildlife sanctuary. Divide common geometric shapes into equal-sized sections for keeping cassowaries.
Interactive and offline versions or card matching with fractions, decimals and percentages.

Explore ways of representing decimals using mathematical notation and visual tools.
Why does zero factorial equal 1? There are some good reasons that are easy to understand! 

Discover a fascinating sequence of steps that can turn any number into a palindrome.

Marcus du Sautoy discusses the polyhedra and the art of Conrad Shawcross. 

A needle of length 1 is randomly dropped on a floor with horizontal lines 2 units apart. What is the probability the needle intersects one of the horizontal lines? The answer might surprise you--it involves the constant π!

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