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You may have seen the brick double-domino viral video - Matt Parker explains what was happening. The red dragonfly mathematics challenge is available online (to everyone) after recent DoE web-site changes. And more...
An ABQuiz, diagnostic test, on converting between fractions, decimals and percentages. Updated 16 Mar 2017: Errors in solutions fixed.

The NSW DoE have made the Red dragonfly mathematics challenge available online again after web-site changes. Now accessible to everyone, not just DoE staff.

The Four Colour Map Theorem was a long-standing problem until it was cracked in 1976 using a "new" method... computers! (Includes Networks, as per the new NSW Stage 6 Syllabuses for Standard, and the Australian Curriculum)

You may have seen the original viral video, here Matt Parker explains the effect.
NESA Updates
NESA have published 36 sample questions for the online literacy and numeracy tests for students to demonstrate they meet the new minimum standard for the award of the HSC from 2020 onwards. 
Also in that newsletter, support materials for the new syllabuses (those finalised presumably) will be released on Thursday 30 March.
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