Issue #13 - The MathsLinks Newsletter - resources for maths teachers
Great resources, interesting videos, good reading and a bit of nerdiness...
This blog post presents a number sense strategy. It looks interesting, number and algebra beginnings for many grades. There is also a Fraction version.
For those teaching maths and the librarian. This site lists over 500 stories that can be used to teach 43 mathematical topics for learners from ages 3 to 18.
A few fun properties of Pascal's Triangle.
Matt Parker calculates π (pi) by rolling 1000 random numbers on two d120 dice.
Professor Di Siemon discusses how targeted teaching in relation to six ‘big ideas’ in number can lift student achievement in mathematics.
Just nerdy
Asteroid, massive laser and programming. Matt Parker talks to Seb Lee-Delisle.
A Venn diagram for the "digital natives".
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