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This week brings an updated look for the newsletter.
The metre is the world’s ultimate measure, but how did it become “the” metre? What is this measurement based on?
New HSC Syllabus for NSW
The Stage 6 syllabuses are now available in Program Builder for teachers to begin planning and programming for the new courses.
Inverse functions & inverse trigonometric functions booklet updated. Thanks to Hubert Lam.

Professional Development

UNSW School of Mathematics and Statistics are offering an online course, Linear relations and the Geometry of Lines, for free in March 2017 (the course started on Monday) - as it's the first running.

"Do not let go of maths! It's a foundational skill, totally transferable in a digital world. If you stick with maths you are going to be in a good place."
MathsLinks site upgrade
Last weekend the MathsLinks web-sites went through a major upgrade in the backend. Unfortunately, a few things are still broken and parts of the site are buggy. Your feedback is helpful if you do find a problem.
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