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Here comes Term 2... This week: a question bank; some slides about the new Standard syllabus; videos from Tipping Point math, Numberphile and the Curiosity Show; and an interactive for fractions on the numberline.

This is a bank of multiple choice, short response and extended response questions useful for revision, test creation or formative assessment.

New HSC Syllabus
Standard versus General - Presentation
As I prepare to present to colleagues on the first day of Term 2 about the new Standard syllabus, I've put together a few slides with an overview of where content in the new Standard topics come from in the current General syllabus. This might save others time - feel free to use. See #3 and #4 at this link.

A video looking at the Golden Ratio and its ties to the Fibonacci numbers, two- and three-dimensional geometry, and more.

Reflections in convex and concave mirrors.

Deane, the Curiosity Show, investigates making boxes out of squares of paper and considers which will give the maximum volume.


Use this app to develop an understanding of how and where fractions exist on a number line. Students will begin to learn the relationship between improper fractions and mixed numbers.

A lot has been written about maths anxiety in children... But this post isn't about maths anxiety in students. It's about maths anxiety in maths teachers.
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