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This week, more on the new NSW Stage 6 Standard syllabus. In other resources - a true scale multiplication grid, pool noodles and fractions.
It is definitely worth watching the Chaos Game from Numberphile, and a new series of videos on the Essence of Calculus.
Featured Resource
Continuum of Learning
From the Mathematics 7-10 Syllabus Continuum of Learning, I have used the new Stage 6 Standard syllabus to attempt to extend the Continuum of Learning.

This is not just a multiplication grid, but an actual representation of the products.

Here's an nice hands-on way to teach fractions using pool noodles.

Ben Sparks demonstrates how seemingly random numbers can create amazing patterns. 
I think this is my new favourite Numberphile video.

In this series of videos, Grant (3Blue1Brown) wants you to feel that you could have invented calculus for yourself.

In this first video, we see how unraveling the nuances of a simple geometry question can lead to integrals, derivatives, and the fundamental theorem of calculus.

New HSC Syllabus
NESA have released a timeline for the release of support materials for the new Stage 6 syllabuses.

Under Support Materials, NESA have released three more topic guidance documents: Statistical Analysis, Financial Mathematics and Algebra. The Measurement Topic Guidance document has been updated.

An example of a heat map representing real-world data. Each cell shows the percentage of crashes at that time involving the selected factor.
See NSW Mathematics Standard MS-S1, S1.1.

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