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Last newsletter there was an item "Same Stats, Different Graphs". Here is an interactive version by Ken Wessen at his incredible web-site, The Mathenæum. This activity uses 3 sets of values from Anscombe's Quartet and supports student experimentation using their own data.

Added to Hubert Lam's collection of Stage 6 Calculus workbooks: 

New HSC Syllabus
For NSW teachers.
Stuart Palmer, Mathematics Education Consultant, is surveying high school mathematics teachers about some issues regarding assessment of learning:
  • use of technology in HSC Examinations
  • use of pre-prepared notes/summaries in high-stakes assessment
  • use of non-traditional assessment in your school
It will only take a few minutes to complete this survey. [closing date June 6]
This survey has no affiliation with NESA.
What gets you excited about teaching mathematics? We talk about student engagement all the time, but how important is teacher engagement?
Another great article from Dr Catherine Attard.

MathsKit Essentials
It's exam writing time. MathsKit Essentials has a collection of high quality grids, number planes, number lines and more for inserting into your test.

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