Issue #20 - MathsLinks Newsletter - resources for maths teachers
Ken Wessen's site, The Mathenæum, has released a fantastic collection of models. Check them out!
The Mathenæum
Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
Interactive bar models for visualising fractions, comparing fractions, operating with fractions and visualising decimals, percentages and ratios.

An interactive version of Algebra Tiles for visualising directed number operations, expanding and factorising, solving equations.

Exploding Dots support interactive modelling and problem solving in arithmetic, representation of integers, and polynomial division. They provide an engaging and dynamic representation that is consistent across a broad range of concepts.

These activities involve both Part-Whole and Comparison Bar Models as representations of word problems involving the sum or difference of quantities, or where the quantities are made up of equal parts.  These models aid extracting the information from the problem, representing it pictorially, and visualising the solution process.

New NSW HSC Syllabus

Additional support materials include a sample formal assessment task and Topic Guidance on Networks.


Update 10 June 2017: Topic 14 - Applications of Calculus

Matt Parker measures the speed at which a fidget spinner spins.

James Grime shows how the Trinity Mathematical Society solves the squared squares problem using networks.

A number which could earn its "finder" a $1000 prize.

The prime factorisation of 13532385396179 = 13 × 53² × 3853 × 96179


Why you need to know your units of measurement...
The truck was 53 centimetres too tall to fit under the bridge.

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