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Networks and the Game of Thrones. Mathematics Standard podcast. Resources for Mathematics Standards MS-F1.3 Budgeting and household expenses. NESA survey of the syllabus development process.
The theory of social networks allows us to mathematically model and analyse the relationships between governments, organizations and even the rival factions warring on Game of Thrones.

Mathematics Standard Stage 6
David Watson explains why planning for the Stage 6 Mathematics Standard syllabus and new forms of assessments are a priority and how to implement these effectively…“It is often true that there is a right answer and a wrong answer, investigation is what makes Maths really good… a Mathematician is interested in so much more than getting the right answer."

What do you really spend your money on? Check out the infographic about how Australians spend their money. [Mathematics Standard MS-F1.3 Budgeting and household expenses]

Explanation of bill from Sydney Water. [Mathematics Standard MS-F1.3 Budgeting and household expenses]

A water bill example, pricing information and a few questions on interpreting the bill. [Mathematics Standard MS-F1.3 Budgeting and household expenses]

Fraction Talks are a built around classroom talk and student action. Simple visuals foster creative thinking around fractions.

NESA is reviewing processes to deliver more streamlined syllabus development models. A survey seeking feedback is open for all stakeholders.
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