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A few resources for teaching data analysis. ViHart on "Jerk". James Grime about Proth primes. New "Calculus" syllabuses in NSW and an update to the Standard syllabus.
A presentation about box-and-whisker plots (boxplots) describing the key features of the plot. Includes an example of drawing parallel box-and-whisker plots.

This foldable aids the identification of the different measures of location: mean, median and mode. Students receive the template and follow the instructions in the PowerPoint to complete the foldable and work through the examples.

Use the PowerPoint to understand the need for measures of spread, e.g. Range, and introduce the Interquartile Range. Includes teacher notes.

Data from CensusAtSchool of the height of Year 11 Female and Male students is provided to be presented in a back-to-back stem-and-leaf plot.


Vi Hart discusses Jerk. Jerk is the rate of change of acceleration; that is, the derivative of acceleration with respect to time, the second derivative of velocity, or the third derivative of position.

James Grime looks at Proth primes.

NSW Stage 6
NESA has released the new Stage 6 syllabuses for Mathematics Advanced, Mathematics Extension 1 and Mathematics Extension 2 and a minor update to the Mathematics Standard syllabus.

With changes to the Stage 6 Standard Syllabus, this annotated PDF version shows the changes. [This is not an official NESA document]
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