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Another mixed bag...
Marcus duSautoy recounts the history of Euler's discovery (15 minutes in length)

Showing year 7 students how prime numbers are used as secret keys to protect confidential information like your bank details. Activity to be done in pairs where someone is the 'banker' and someone is trying to 'hack' the code.

This Matologer video is about Fermat's LITTLE theorem which is at least as pretty as its much more famous bigger brother, which has a super pretty accessible proof and which is of huge practical importance for finding large prime numbers to keep your credit card transactions safe.

A playlist of videos introducing complex numbers.

There is a workbook available.

This is the 4 card task or Wason selection task.


A ring of metal is formed into a pineapple shaped cookie cutter. Same perimeter, different area.

This tool creates sketches of graphs, a bare sketch that shows only the most important points. Download the sketch for use in a worksheet or examination.

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