Issue #62 - MathsLinks Newsletter - resources for maths teachers
This newsletter Stage 6 NSW resources contributed by the MathsLinks community.
Single die 🎲 options on MathsStarters.
And a symbolic calculator.
Thanks to Steven...

Booklets for the Mathematics Advanced (NSW) course produced by Caringbah High School.

Thanks to Kristen for these resources...
This task is designed for students to examine purchasing an investment property and a car, with the focus on loans and credit cards.

This is a DESMOS Advanced Maths Assessment Task based on Marblestars.

Online Tools
MathsStarters Dice - updated to include a 🎲 single die: six-sided, six-sided dotted, ten-sided and customer (−10 to 20). Animation added to show the dice rolls.

The Avanti Symbolic Calculator is designed to assist with the kinds of numerical and algebraic operations that are used in high school mathematics, while supporting mathematical notation for both input and output. It can expand, factorise, transform, substitute, plot, integrate, differentiate, and solve equations.

A classic physics problem done in an experiment.

A useful introduction video that provides a good explanation of simple and compound interest in a humorous context.

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