Issue #63 - MathsLinks Newsletter - resources for maths teachers
A new booklet for Mathematics Advanced from Steven Choi. Some Venn diagram resources and a couple of interesting videos.
 14 March 2019: 11.4 Transformations and symmetry added

Booklets for the Mathematics Advanced (NSW) course produced by Caringbah High School.

This is an interactive resource about Venn diagrams in which students are provided with a range of numbers and are required to move these numbers onto a Venn diagram based on two criteria.

This is an interactive resource in which students are required to drag numbers from a list onto a Venn diagram based on three criteria. There are four different activities, each classifying the numbers based on factors, multiples and/or primes.

A GeoGebra interactive to investigate right-angled triangles and  the effect of changing an angle or size.

Matt Parker talks about numbers - whole numbers, rational numbers, constructible numbers, algebraic numbers, computable numbers, transcendental numbers.

42 is the only remaining (eligible) number below 100 which has not been represented as the sum of three cubes… 33 was cracked by Andrew Booker from the University of Bristol.

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