Issue #2⁶ - MathsLinks Newsletter - resources for maths teachers
End of term, time for a well-deserved break.
An interactive to explore compass and true bearings.

(Almost?) Everything a Mathematics Standard students need for the 2019 HSC Examination - an unofficial list of facts and formulas you need to memorise for the HSC Examination. 25 March 2019: Updated for the Reference Sheet re-released November 2018.

31.4+ trillion digits of Pi. Aimed at developers, this site has three fun ways to access digits of Pi: Art, Listen and Visualize.

An online scientific calculator from GeoGebra.
Congruent Triangles by Bruce and Katharine Cornwell.

An old animation about congruent triangles, showing the methods of determining if two triangles are congruent.

From Cambridge Mathematics, Lucy Rycroft-Smith and Dr Alison Clark-Wilson look at the evidence surrounding using dynamic mathematical technology in maths learning.

From Cambridge Mathematics, Dominika Majewska explores the evidence surrounding using real life contexts in maths learning.

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