Issue #65 - MathsLinks Newsletter - resources for maths teachers
Term 2... it's already busy. There are a pile of videos in this newsletter - each with something you could take into your classroom this week.
GeoGebra versions of the three-dimensional (3D) Trigonometry examples from Cambridge Advanced (NSW textbook), Section 5C.

This app provides an interactive visualisation of equivalent fractions by arranging a grid into various groupings, and, when valid, presenting the corresponding fraction and it's reduced form.


Take a large piece of paper and fold it ... well, how many times can you? Rob sets Deane a problem.

In the 1600s, the Dutch East India Company employed hundreds of ships to trade goods around the globe. In order to fund their voyages, the company turned to private citizens to invest money to support trips in exchange for a share of the profits. In doing so, they unknowingly invented the world’s first stock market.

Fields Medallist Charlie Fefferman talks about some classic infinite series.

Matt Parker discusses multiplicative persistence.

An outstanding (and challenging) video exploring a very different way (using geometry) to solve polynomial equations. It is challenging and rich in ideas - too much for most students in one go (25 mins) but cut up into components would make for a terrific guided investigation.

James Grime and Matt Parker look at the difference of two squares in many ways.

Sometimes you need to measure the height of something very tall, but how can you do it easily. Rob shows a simple method.

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