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Investigate values of sine from the unit circle.
Also cosine and tangent.

Investigate solutions to the trigonometric equation sin(x) = A.
See also cos(x) = A.

Investigate simple linear growth models.

An interactive investigation of surface area.
A flow chart and guided questions with explanations as to how to decide on which rule - SOHCAHTOA, Sine Rule, Cosine Rule and Pythagoras included as well.
On online manipulative task using algebra tiles to model factoring trinomials.

A game for understanding vector coordinates.

For thousands of years, mathematicians were calculating Pi the obvious but numerically inefficient way. Then Newton came along and changed the game.

The missing square puzzle is an optical illusion where students could use Pythagoras and area calculations to prove what's really going on.

A video that explores the size of very large and very small parts of our universe using A4 paper either doubled or halved for scale.

Steve Mould and Matt Parker make a binary adding machine using water and syphons.

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