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There was a secret message on the parachute of Perseverance, seen as it descended to Mars.

This “kid-friendly” file (PDF) explains how to decode the parachute.

We discover how to quickly find a random option in an ordered set of options using a binary search game.

A GeoGebra applet for investigating vector projections.

A collection of GeoGebra applets supporting the Extension 1 Introduction to Vectors and Extension 2 Further work with vectors (NSW).

Use a strategy to help you solve divisions such as 147 divided by 7 or 157 divided by 6 (some have remainders).
Split a division into parts that are easy to work with, use times tables, then solve the original calculation.

A large collection of K-6 tasks, lessons and investigations:  targeted teaching (including number talks) and contexts for practice.

Investigate the slope between two points with this GeoGebra interactive.

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