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A story based on Kruskal's Algorithm.

A good video to introduce the pigeonhole principle.

A video demonstrating the link between the formula for volume of a pyramid and cone and the volume of a prism or cylinder with the same cross section/base.

Some special right-angled triangles allow for a different application of Pythagoras' Theorem.

A graphical method for finding Pythagorean triples (triads).

A silly look at Pythagoras.

Professor Ed Copeland shows a proof by Joseph Fourier that e is irrational.

Recent updates on MathsStarters:
  • Added to Bingo: more rounding games
  • Added to Quick Quiz: more directed number and rounding
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people use their understanding of the night sky for a range of reasons.

Expressing a vector in three dimensions.

Input f(x) and g(x) then investigate the composite functions f(g(x)) and g(f(x)).

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